LODHRAN-An announcement was made to start a new bus service in place of Speedo Bus Service but following the closure of Speedo Bus Service, Urban Transport Service between Lodhran and Bahawalpur was also shut down and now people have to travel by motor rickshaws.

When Speedo Bus Service between Lodhran and Bahawalpur was started in the regime of PML-N, people especially students commuting to Bahawalpur for attending university or other educational institutions, expressed satisfaction over safe and affordable commute. But with the advent of PTI’s government, Speedo Bus Service was closed and people took out a protest rally against the closure at which Jahangir Khan Tareen reinstated the Speedo Bus Service.

But the service was not subsidised by the government which forced the company to shut down the service once again.

The citizens protested again at the closure of the bus service at which Lodhran Deputy Commissioner Rao Imtiaz Ahmed consulted with a private company to start a service between Lodhran and Bahawalpur with the name of Urban Transport Service. But condition of buses was utterly disappointing due to which people stopped using the transport and this service was also closed, forcing people to use motor rickshaws to commute between Lodhran and Bahawalpur which is unsafe.

Following the closure of Speedo Bus Service, Jahangir Khan Tareen had announced during a media talk that new buses would be brought from abroad and soon a service better than Speedo Bus Service would start from Lodhran to Bahawalpur. But three months have passed, and his promise is yet to be fulfilled. People are waiting for Jahangir Khan Tareen to fulfil his promise. They have demanded from Prime Minister of Pakistan and Jahangir Khan Tareen to reinstate Speedo Bus Service.