LAHORE - Two teenage boys died when their motorcycle bumped into an electric pole on Defense Road near Kahna on Sunday afternoon.  Rescue workers said both the victims received serious head injuries and died on the spot. The police shifted the bodies, not identified yet, to a hospital.  An eyewitness said two boys, aged 16 and 18, were going towards Kahna when their motorcycle smashed into a roadside pole. Both the boys died on the spot. The police also recovered a badly damaged motorcycle from the crime scene. The police were yet to ascertain identifies of the victims. Further investigation was underway.  Underage driving is strictly banned but many youngsters riding on motorcycles regularly appear on city roads particularly on the weekends without any fear and hesitation. The ongoing crackdowns by traffic police department have also failed to keep away juvenile drivers from the busy roads. Officials say parents should never allow their children to drive cars or motorcycles on the major roads since they pose a serious threat to the lives of other roads users as well.