Previously, the question was what to eat. Today, the question is what to eat it in. We have been asking the government to provide us safe and secure food and, the concerned authorities are fighting against the adulteration mafia. In this regard, Punjab Food Authority made a draft for the Packaging Material Regulation 2018 and banned the sale of food in non-food grade materials throughout the province. Styrofoam has been banned in many areas of Pakistan, and people have already started using polypropylene as an alternative food container.

Styrofoam is not only hazardous to health but also to the environment. Materials, including the single-layer Styrofoam and newspapers, have been announced illegal. The plastic and other packaging material should also be printed with non-absorbent ink. The glue, used for adhesive purposes in food packaging, should also be made from Halal animal sources. Punjab Food Authority is considering all the food safety measurements to ensure people’s health. The support of government is also required to root out the adulteration mafia from Pakistan.