KASUR             -            The district police caught 517 criminals, including 184 proclaimed offenders, and recovered stolen/snatched property as well as weapons from them during June last.

According to police sources here on Tuesday, the campaign against criminals was launched on the order of DPO Kasur, Zahid Nawaz Marwat.

As per police, their teams arrested 20 outlaws belonging to six notorious gangs, 187 proclaimed offenders, 10 court absconders, 107 drug traffickers, 130 accused with weapons and  66 gamblers.

The police teams also recovered stolen/snatched property worth Rs 1,511,000, illegally kept weapons including two klashnikovs, 12 rifles, 22 guns, 5 carbines, 89 pistols, narcotics-- 66 kilograms hash, 1431 liters liquor, unearthed distilleries, recovered stake money from the gamblers.

DPO Zahid stressed that protection of life and property of citizens was prime responsibility of the police which would be addressed at all costs.