ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set to improve road infrastructure in sector I-14. In this connection, bids have been opened. NIT cost of the project was Rs.8.126 million, however, the lowest bid amounting to Rs. 4.656 million has been received which is almost 47.4% below the NIT cost. Under this project, repair and maintenance work of damaged portions of streets and roads of the sector I-14 will be carried out. The initiative is a part of the comprehensive strategy of the incumbent CDA Administration to develop long-neglected sectors and uplift infrastructure in Islamabad. As the construction activities in sector I-14 are on the rise and people are constructing houses on their plots, therefore, uplift of infrastructure in the sector was direly needed.

Realising the needs of the residents of the sector, incumbent management of the authority decided to undertake required development work in the sector I-14.

Under this initiative, existing roads and streets in all sub-sectors of sector I-14 will be repaired and improved for the facilitation of the residents. 

Earlier, the incumbent management had approved Rs210.552 million in January this year for the supply of gas to the remaining areas of sector I-14.