ISLAMABAD          -          The Chinese government’s efforts to curb COVID-19 have set an ex­ample of a serving national cause and commitment, setting a mod­el before the world as how to deal with the pandemic.

“The efforts made by the Chi­nese government during the pan­demic are marvellous. No country has been able to attach the same importance to the life of every or­dinary person,” said Rafiq Khan, a Pakistani engineer living in Hunan province China, who wit­nessed the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

When recalling the fight against the pandemic, Khan thinks that the measures taken by the Chi­nese government are particular­ly useful.

He said that Zhuzhou City was closed in January.

At the beginning, people were particularly uncomfortable with the situation, because they could not go anywhere they want­ed, but gradually they started adopting the SOPs to contain the virus.

On the other hand, China offered a remarkable assistance to Paki­stan in fighting the Covid-19 pan­demic.

“China gave lots of material and medical assistance for the first time, which fully demon­strated that China is a country with great responsibility, great love, and great righteousness,” he said