The coronavirus is spreading rapidly and the spread started from China. China is the most populated country in the entire globe, but was no match for the virus which has also affected neighboring countries like Thailand, Japan, and even Pakistan. The pandemic is impacting everyone. For families, it has raised anxiety, stress, and tension. Schools, colleges and universities are closed as well. Students are taking online classes and communicating with others on social media.

Every night before falling asleep I am confronted by many questions: When will this lockdown end? When will we return to our normal life? Millions of people have died from the virus, but many are also dying because of the lockdown. People are starving, they no longer have a source of income. Many are also afraid because of the way in which the media is reporting on the current times we are living in. May Allah Almighty help us in this difficult time.

Students are facing many problems in lockdown because they have online classes on platforms such as Zoom, Google Classroom and Whatsapp. They cannot take classes regularly because not everyone has access to the internet and there is routine load shedding as well. A majority of students are not satisfied with online classes, as they still have to pay the regular amount of fees. They are barred from communicating smoothly, or studying in groups due to the lockdown.