LARKANA          -        JUI-F chief Maulana Fazalur Rahman said on Tuesday that there will be no minus one but all will become minus as the popularity of Imran Khan has also become zero. He said they were calling an All Parties Conference (APC) on 9th July in Sindh in which all political parties would be invited, adding such APCs would also be held in all the provinces after which an APC would be held at the national level as well. He was talking to media persons after offering condolences with Moazim Ali Abbasi and Dr Safdar Abbasi over the demise of Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi late last night. He said the relationship with the Abbasi family was very old that was why he came here to offer condolence over the demise of Haji Munwar Ali Khan Abbasi. Rahman said that madressahs would be opened across the country today under protest because they cooperated with the government on every forum and observed SOPs, but the government did not respond in a smooth way, adding nobody would halt them. He said they would not tolerate torture of madressah students by the government. He went on to say concocted elections were held and a fabricated government with a fake mandate was imposed on the nation.

He said history told them that JUI-F had never accepted rigging as they had a different point of view about it. He said the party took it seriously; it has held 14 million-man marches in the past, and recently also took out an “Azadi March” which was also joined by opposition leadership as well as people from different walks of life.  He said had the opposition participated in their marches with their activists, the situation would have been very different today. Rahman said that Imran Khan used to claim that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari obtained huge loans in their tenures but his government had taken more loans in two years, he added, saying that he cannot run the government. He said the 18th amendment was passed unanimously but it was being hindered along with NFC award. He asked, if the Centre had no funds, then why such complaints were not made during Muslim League and Peoples’ Party regimes. The JUI-F chief said this government cannot fight the media and also cannot digest criticism. He said the budget was approved by IMF. Imran Khan had announced one crore jobs, but over 2.5 million people had been rendered unemployed.