PESHAWAR            -        Chief Minister Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Mahmood Khan, while expressing dissatisfaction over the progress in handing over the newly constructed build­ings for hospitals, schools and colleges, has directed the high ups of Communication & Works, Health, Elementary & Secondary Education and Higher Education Departments to ensure proper handing over of all the buildings within one month.

He further directed the authori­ties of C&W Department to com­plete all remaining petty nature of works in those buildings on urgent basis and complete all the arrangements to hand them over to the client departments.

Presiding over a joint meeting of C&W, Health, Elementary & Secondary Education and High­er Education Departments, he also directed the high ups of the client departments to take all necessary steps to ensure pro­vision of the required staff and equipments in those buildings by the time these were handed over to them and could be fully functionalized without further delay.

The meeting was given a de­tailed briefing on the progress so far made on the handing/tak­ing over of the newly construct­ed buildings of the schools, col­leges and hospitals across the province.

Besides Provincial Minister for Health and Finance Taimur Jhagra, Minister of Elementa­ry & Secondary Education Ak­bar Ayub and Advisor to CM on Higher Education Khaleeq ur Rahman, the meeting was also attended by the administrative secretaries and other concerned high ups of the departments.

The Chief Minister said that he would convene another meet­ing exactly after one month to review progress on the subject matter and by that time all de­partments should complete re­sponsibilities falling on their parts adding that in case of un­satisfactory progress, strict dis­ciplinary action would be taken against the responsible ones and no one would be spared.

“The public should bene­fit from the developmental schemes without any delay, and this is the only purpose for which public money has been spent on these schemes,” Mahmood Khan said and added that negligence or delay at any level would not be tolerated.

He said though the Corona pandemic had affected the pace of developmental projects but even then the government had to perform to ensure better ser­vice delivery.

Mahmood Khan also directed the provincial ministers to hold regular meetings of their depart­ments to review progress on the developmental schemes of their respective departments. He termed the uplift of both the ed­ucation and health sector as top priorities of his government and directed the Finance Depart­ment to accord top priority to the approval of schedule of new expenditures (SNEs) for crea­tion of new vacancies in Health and Education Departments.