PESHAWAR              -         The Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Local Govern­ment Department has taken a revolutionary step in the context of the provincial litigation poli­cy and activated the liti­gation information man­agement system.

The Local Government Department, in this re­gard, on Tuesday issued a notification to the con­cerned offices.

According to the details, all concerned offices of the LG Department would upload data regarding le­gal and judicial proceed­ings on the litigation in­formation management system while the data re­lated to all legal and judi­cial matters would be up­loaded within 15 days.

Commenting on the new Litigation Informa­tion System, Kamran Ban­gash, Special Assistant to KP Chief Minister for Lo­cal Government, said that a uniform litigation sys­tem would help monitor performance of the Local Government Department, while it was a revolution­ary step for the better­ment of governance.

He said with the help of the new system, it would be easy to known that in which office how many legal and judicial cases were going on and what was their nature.

He said digitization was essential for good govern­ance to ensure delivery of the best services in the shortest possible time.