ISLAMABAD             -         The news of high profile names tested positive for COVID-19, on social media and TV channels, have now become a normal routine.

Most of them, after passing 14 necessary days of self-quarantine, have also been seen attending the parliamentary proceedings in the budget session. While, some big names including leader of opposition in the national assembly Shehbaz Sharif are perhaps on a long leave.

The PTIs’ government is these days facing multiple challenges interalia control on fast spreading Coronavirus, annoyance of allied partners from Balochisatan, locusts attack in different parts of country etc.

Moreover, the ruling clique [PTI] has to ensure important legislation in the parliament in current parliamentary year, as otherwise the period of putting the important bill on the table will stand lapsed.

Though, the lower house of parliament, in the budgetary proceedings, has witnessed more than ten-hour long sessions but the presence of parliamentarians remained very thin.

There was visible understanding between the treasury and the opposition to not point out ‘lack of required quorum’ in the house during the budget session. As, pointing out lack of required strength [86 MNAs] has always remained the most common weapon of opposition to suspend the proceedings of the house. This rare understanding, obviously due to Coronavirus, might not be seen in upcoming sessions of national assembly. 

As the opposition parties’ members are anxiously waiting to respond the latest speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan on the floor of the National Assembly. They would not only create hindrance in the legislative business but also strongly target the leadership of ruling party, background discussions with the opposition members left this impression.

On the other hands, the government side has prepared a plan to ensure legislation on ‘anti-money laundering bill’ and some other important bill in upcoming session of the national assembly , scheduled to start from today [Wednesday]. The government has to ensure numerical strength in the house to pass the important bills in the upcoming session of the national assembly.

The PTI’s government has also planned to summon a joint session of parliament for one or two day in coming week to ensure its legislation, as otherwise it has to face difficulty to pass the important bills. As the symptoms of Coronavirus can appear anytime on anyone, so the government side would prefer joint sitting of parliament for legislative business.

The upcoming session of the national assembly might also continue for over two weeks, as the PTI’s government has to complete mandatory days [130 days in a year]. The joint sitting of the parliament, sources said, might be summoned without taking the opposition into confidence. According to the article 54(2) of the Constitution,  “There shall be at least three sessions of the National Assembly every year and not more than 120 days shall intervene between the last sitting of the Assembly in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session.

“Provided that the National Assembly shall meet for not less than 130 working days in each year.”

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser was the first in the parliament, who was tested positive for Coronavirus [COVID-19]. Later, the virus has infected sitting MNAs including 

The Coronavirus has so far infected sitting MNAs including leader of opposition in the national assembly Shehbaz Sharif, Shah Mehmoood Qureshi, Sheikh Rashid, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi,  Ahsan Iqbal, Ayaz Sadiq, MQM-P Iqbal Muhammad Ali, chief whip (PTI) Amir Dogar, Aminul Haq , Iqbal Muhammad Ali ,Shehryar Afridi and others. It is good news that all the lawmakers are successfully the dangerous virus attack of virus.