ISLAMABAD             -         Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders on Tuesday claimed that the PTI government has failed on the development front as it has not completed even a sing development project of its own.

Speaking to media here, senior party leader Khawaja Asif said the government, instead of clearing, doubled the circular debt during the last two years.

“Electricity tariff has gone up for the consumers. Under the circumstances, the situation will get even worse,” he predicted.

He reminded the Prime Minister of the promises he made with the masses while being on the container and said the people of the country were suffering due to the alleged incompetence of the present government. He said there was shortage of electricity, petrol, wheat and sugar in the country.

Asif also claimed that during the five-year PTI rule  in KPK, not a single project was completed in the province.

“They had an opportunity but they did nothing,” he observed and said that the government was trying to take credit by inaugurating the projects previously initiated by PM Nawaz Sharif.

He said their party would continue to expose the present PTI government. To a question, he said All Parties Conference by the opposition would he called within next few days.

Speaking on the occasion, another PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said that PML-N government, through a long-term strategy, took forward the development agenda. The PML-N government’s initiative for food security, energy security and water security was a model of integrated development, he held.

He said the PTI government was working without a development plan for the last two years. He observed that the PTI government could not take the country forward.

The PML-N leader challenged the PTI minister to prove that he minted money through the Multan-Sakhar Motorway project. He said the world agencies even could not prove a single-penny corruption against him. He alleged that CPEC was made controversial by the PTI leadership.

He said basis of PTI’s politics is allegations against the political opponents. He said the people were suffering from hunger due to the government’s alleged flop policies.

He said the country was in crisis and it was necessary to remove the pilots having fake licences.