MULTAN - Two simultaneous blasts rocked Multan on Saturday, though no loss of life or injury was reported. "The blasts were very light and occurred in a house of Saadat Colony, where a second-year student Raud Yousuf was manufacturing a bomb. We suspect he is member of a banned outfit," an official of Gulgasht police disclosed. The accused managed to escape after the blast. However, police have reportedly taken his uncle Muharram Ali, brother Tahir and mother into custody after the blast. The cops also recovered explosive material and other ingredients for assembling a bomb including liquid hydrogen, wires and computers into custody from the blast site. The father of the accused is in Saudi Arabia. "Initially we thought it was a cylinder blast but when we reached the spot it turned out to be a bomb blast," another cop said. Sources disclosed that the uncle of the accused told police that he had disappeared for three weeks two years ago. "After returning, he told us that he had gone to Mansehra for outing," the uncle of Rauf Arif further told police. However, Muharram Ali said that the family was totally oblivious of Rauf Arif's any relation with any terrorist outfit.