WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush reaffirmed his commitment to "strong and abiding" friendship between Pakistan and the United States while receiving the credentials of the new Pakistani ambassador Husain Haqqani at the White House Friday. Welcoming the ambassador only ten days after his arrival in Washington, the U.S. leader said the administration looks forward to working with him in further developing close ties between the two nations. Ambassador Haqqani expressed appreciation for the support and encouragement extended by the United States as Pakistan makes a difficult transition to democracy. He said that America 's support for the newly elected Parliament of Pakistan will serve as tangible signs of the endurance and strength of the special relationship between the two countries. Haqqani said that during his tenure as Ambassador of Pakistan, he will work tirelessly to building a new, more mature, long-term partnership between Pakistan and the United States and will promote the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two peoples. The Pakistani envoy said his country looks forward to continued partnership with the U.S. and that "we are appreciative of all the support that he has given to Pakistan and look forward to further support."