President George W Bush's psychopathic attitude and the lack of understanding towards democratic political management and its development have been vividly demonstrated time and again. It is quite implicit, in general, in Bush's conceptual world of political incorrectness conceived in his global vision and ideologically bankrupt notion of American power in the 21st century termed as "the American Century" and, in particular, in the execution of the US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest of the Islamic world. The most recent example of Bush's exhibited psychopathic conduct in this context is the telephone call that he made to Pervez Musharraf, the retired general and the Pakistani military ruler, to show America's and the US president's personal unwavering support. It has not mattered to the American president that Musharraf has been democratically rejected by his nation, is now the most unpopular political figure in the history of Pakistan and, counter to democratic norms and principles, is holding on to an unconstitutional presidency. It is ironic that, whereas America lays claim to be the citadel of modern democracy, its president is encouraging a rejected, repudiated and abandoned military ruler to hold on to power and the presidency of the country against the wishes of his own people. What else can be termed as politically psychopathic? Psychopathology is one of the most fascinating fields in the study of human behaviour and confronts scholars with distressing problems in the human experience. Political psychopathology has been essentially central to the understanding of modern politics because it evaluates the behavioural responses of the political actors in the context of their mindsets and actions that have long-lasting impacts on the natural of political discourse and their outcomes in the life of a nation. Psychopaths (political and others) are consistently in denial of reality as it exists. They construct a fabricated sense of reality of their own (the larger the role and influence of a person in society, the larger is the dimension of this fabricated reality) based on a grandiose sense of self-worth, ordained intervention in their favour, deception and pathological lying, callousness and lack of empathy, lack of remorse and guilt, conning and manipulative behaviour, shallow emotional response, unreliability and failure to accept responsibility for their own actions and a consistent attempt at creating superficial charm. Political psychopaths as such create a mess of the political world in which they have made to play a major role. Together, from the start of the 21st century, George W Bush and Pervez Musharraf have created a political world of mayhem, destruction, human carnage, deception, fabrication, failing political and economic institutions (how else could a roti sell for Rs 8 in Pakistan), a universal disrespect for democratic norms and principles, a complete and absolute obliteration of human rights, and an overbearing military response to human problems. At this point in humankind's civilisation, an elected president of the most powerful country and a military ruler of a far less significant and powerless nation, together as personal friends and political allies, have pushed humanity to the brink of an ultimate disaster. No wonder then that the two men deserve such low public esteem the world over. It is vital and imperative that neither Bush nor Musharraf should be left only for the future historians to judge. They must be judged here and now - it is here that they are answerable and it is now that they should be made accountable for their political behaviour and actions. The entire world should demand that President Bush face an international tribunal for the charges of genocide in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. It would be a stark mistake to let the American president's misdeeds go unaccounted for - if American political pathological power is not contained now, US ideological terror and atrocities will continue into this century and beyond. Given the continuation of the prevalent concept of the "American Century" and its foreign policy manifestations, the world must be prepared to face a bleak future of international conflicts and wars - which up to now have been beneficial to the American military-industrial complex, economy, political power and imperialist designs on the world. Indeed, the whole world is aware of how Bush has brutally practised the concept of American power throughout his presidency. In fairness to human civility and constitutional norms, Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan should be accorded a full opportunity to explain his political behaviour and actions (of the last eight years) to the entire nation. Can he rationally, logically, politically, militarily, ideologically or in any other manner explain his policy of fighting the American war on Pakistan's soil, especially against Pakistani citizens? Can he explain the disappearance of several hundred Pakistani nationals? Can he produce every one of them and tell the nation why they disappeared in the first place? Can he explain where those who disappeared have been for all these years? If he can, let him do so and then be judged fairly. Can Musharraf justify, legally, morally, or constitutionally, the removal of 60 judges of the apex courts and their arrest and the detention of their families? Let the entire nation hear him out - let there be a fair judgement on this issue as well. Can Musharraf account for grabbing and exercising absolute power over every institution of the country and over the lives of its citizens? Can he explain November 3 and May 12? Can he justifiably explain the NRO to the nation? Can he define (of course rationally) regular American interventions in the internal affairs of this country? The charge sheet is long... General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has to do a lot of explaining to the people of his country. Let us be resolved as a nation in not denying him such an opportunity. Let it be said: being a political psychopath is not a moral or legal defence against political crimes against a nation... And I will bet... that's all you are going to get out of Musharraf - and of course from George W Bush - the neo-Machiavellians / Hitlerans of our time... Don't be content with saying, "C'est la vie" (That's how life goes). Do something... Do not submit to anymore blows upon bruises...   Wake up, make noise and be heard... Email: