LAHORE - The government has fired 'water bomb' after coming into power where the causality would be the agriculture of the country as the political mistrust, distortion of technical information, prejudice among the previous governments jeopardised the Kalabagh Dam project. This was the upshot of the discussion among the participants on the 'Dialogue on Kalabagh Dam' here at Hameed Nizami hall on Saturday, who was of the view that the wheat prices would escalate up to 100 rupee per kilogram for the want of water. Chairman Agriculture Forum Pakistan, Ibrahim Mughal, Chairman Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front, Abuzar Shad, President Punjab Water Council, Amir Chattah, Vice President Punjab Water Council, Umer Sarfraz Cheema, Coordinator Punjab Water Council, Hamid Malee and the Spokesperson of Punjab Water Council, Rabia Sultan. The speakers termed the shelving of Kalabagh Dam project as 'Water Bomb' and demanded the government to take extreme step to implement the Indus Basin Water Treaty, singed with India, to save the future of the next generations in Pakistan. 'It is indeed unfortunate that Pakistan despite having the precious wealth of rivers teeming with life giving waters has not so far developed inland water transport, which may be the cheapest means of transportation,' they said. "Kalabagh dam is not the issue of Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochis or Pukhtoons. It was the issue of Pakistan and an essential for the survival of Pakistan," Chairman Agriculture Forum Pakistan, Ibrahim Mughal said. They expressed grave concern over the shelving of Kalabagh dam project and said that neither any province was discussed in this regard nor the government held any meeting of the four provinces over this issue. They said that the mighty river Indus along with its tributaries was undoubtedly lifeline for the whole countrymen. It not only nourishes lands and inhabitants but also sustains their livelihood. However, in the face of population growth, demands on its surging and gushing torrents are today more urgent and critically pressing. They said that the bulk of our population had been increasing like gigantic rolling snowball and it is estimated that by the year 2025 Pakistan would become fourth most populous country in the world. The speakers said that under such uncertainty, many analysts believe that future wars would be fought over the possession of water resources. Many nations went through pangs of destruction and glory of acme by fettering natural resources especially of fresh water. The speakers demanded of the Federal government to review its decision on Kalabagh dam as it was not the issue of Punjab alone because it belongs to the whole country and its people. They said that the acute shortage of water and power had put the very survival of the country at stake. "Shelving it with one stroke of pen is against the national interests," they concluded.