LAHORE - It was for the first time in the history of the Punjab Assembly on Saturday when the Pakistan Peoples Party members virtually made the Speaker surrender to their demand of reciting the Na'at against the rules of the proceedings, while the Pakistan Muslim League (N) again showed their anti-Musharraf sentiments when they resorted to vehement 'Go Musharraf Go' sloganeering on the second day of the session. When the PA proceedings started with a delay of over an hour, PPP member Tahir Mahmood Hundali on a Point of Order, after the recitation of the Holy Quran, requested the Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal for reciting the Na'at. He also sought support from his fellows, while a few of his coterie stood to his support. Rana Iqbal, while asserting that he was not against the idea, observed that procedure of the PA did not have room for this. However, the Speaker could not carry on after the passionate slogans by the members made him surrender to the demand. Another PPP member Amjad Mayo recited the Na'at. However, quite a few members did not observe solemnity, perhaps objecting to the voice of the Mayo. On a Point of Order, PML (N) member Ch Abdul Ghafoor appreciated the outgoing Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa besides maintaining that the exercise of reciting the Na'at had created a history. Rana Iqbal said to continue with the recitation of the Na'at, the rules should be amended. In the partially second half when there was supposed to be a general discussion on the law and order situation, PPP senior member Raja Riaz Ahmed, while referring to a statement of General (R) Pervez Musharraf - 'Poor leadership cause damage to country - said he agreed with Musharraf's assertion. "He was referring to leaders like Ch Shujaat Hussain and Ch Pervaiz Elahi, who failed to do anything tangible for the country. It is because their policies that Pakistan is facing shortage of water and flour," he added, while launching bitter diatribe against Musharraf and ex-Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. With this, the onslaught of slogans 'Go Musharraf Go' and 'Musharraf's friends are traitors' started. This continued incessantly for some time till senior Opposition member from the PML-Q Ch Zaheer-ud-Din spoke at the top of his voice for defending his bosses, but ear deafening sloganeering against the previous political dispensation and Musharraf. "The ongoing crises are consequent upon the policies of the present rulers." Once-upon-an-authority of the treasury benches Ch Zaheer could only add this audible sentence, as sloganeering made to have a meek surrender, perhaps tasting what it is like sitting on the Opposition benches. Nevertheless, he came back strong when he said if they were not allowed to speak, then no one would be. He requested the Speaker for the implementation of the rules. Rana Iqbal brought this commotion to an abrupt end when he said that he wanted to make an important announcement, which was about the resignation of Sardar Dost Muhammad Khosa. He maintained that, as the CM Punjab had resigned; hence the House could not carry out any business. He said the Governor Punjab had prorogued the Session, and had summoned a special session for the election of the next CM Punjab, and the House would start its business till Sunday morning at 10 am. On his directions, Secretary PA Maqsood Ahmad Malik read out the procedure for CM's election. According to rules, a day prior to the CM's election, the nomination papers could be submitted by the MPAs. He said the submission of the nomination papers was till 9 pm (Saturday), and the CM's election would be held on Sunday.