HONG KONG (AFP) - Two people were killed in Hong Kong on Saturday when their hut was crushed in a landslide triggered by the some of the worst rain here since records began, a report said. The landslide sent a 20-tonne wall crashing onto the hut that the pair, a man and a woman, were sleeping in, local broadcaster RTHK reported on its web site. Emergency workers used cranes to lift the wall and dug a tunnel to reach the pair, but they were dead by the time rescuers reached them, it said. Streets in Hong Kong were flooded by torrential rain, as lightning and thunder roared for several hours. The Hong Kong Observatory upgraded the storm to a "black" at 6:40am (2240 GMT), as more than 200mm of rain was dumped in the city Friday night. The "black" warning means 70mm of rain was expected to fall in just one hour. The downpour caused severe flooding across some streets of Hong Kong island. In the western district of Sheung Wan entire streets were hit as amid thunder and lightning people looked for ways to navigate the floods as water flowed over pavements. Shopkeepers stacked sandbags in an effort to keep their businesses watertight. In some areas water was almost up to the windows of parked cars as people rolled up their trousers and waded through knee-deep water in flip-flops. The rain also caused several delays at Hong Kong's International Airport on Lantau Island, one of the worst-hit spots in the territory, an Airport Authority spokeswoman told AFP. Passengers were advised to contact their airline for more information about their flight. The city's schools and courts were closed, while child care centres and elderly services centres were closed to the public, the government said in a statement. Hong Kong is regularly hit by severe rain and even typhoons during the summer months.