KARACHI - The family of Khaled Sheikh Mohammad, who allegedly confessed engineering 9/11 attacks and several other terrorism charges including the beheaded murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002, had refuted US allegations about Sheikh's self-confession after five years of captivity. The family claimed that US hatched the conspiracy against Sheikh and Ali Bin Abdul Aziz during the five years illegal detention. They said that five-year duration is enough to change the mindset of any person through torture and the United States had done that with Khaled. Khaled Sheikh in his last letter written to his family lately, hoped that he would meet them soon, said Muhammad Hussain, his relative. Ali Bin Abdual Aziz has also been involved in the same case, Hussain said in a telephonic chat with TheNation. Hamida Bibi, sister of Khaled Sheikh, and Abu Khaled, brother of Yousaf Ramzi, told TheNation that the whole family was suffering today because of Ramzi's refusal to become a tool in the hands of American CIA. "How ridiculous it is that a man who never travelled to the US was involved in plotting attack on World Trade Centre," Abu Khaled said with reference to his brother. They dismissed the report of Pentagon and also refused Sheikh's confession of orchestrating 9/11 attacks and asked why they (US) captivated Sheikh for last five years without any charge. They said that America posed to be the champion of human rights but they had never disclosed the whereabouts of Shiekh and their other cousins for several years. They did not give access to them either for legal proceedings or for personal meetings. "We even conveyed our messages through various human rights organisations to get access to them and also asked for their photographs but they (US authorities) declined the requests," Abu Khaled said. Hussain said that the conspiracy had been spearheaded by the United States during the last five years as it (US) made Sheikh mentally prepared to confess the alleged charges. He said that reports had been published worldwide concerning torture on the detainees of Guantanamo Bay. When TheNation referred him to Sheikh's recently reported statement in which he had said: "I am looking forward to be martyred for a long time," Hussain replied that they were neither afraid nor had any remorse over the charges imposed by the US, because they believe in Allah and US would be destroyed soon. He added that upcoming president of the US would play a role of Gorbachev (former Russian president) and will annihilate America. "US has now marooned in Iraq and Afghanistan and its complete downfall is near." He said that there were various other cousins of Sheikh who were still detained in Guantanamo Bay including Ali Bin Abdul Aziz, Sheikh's nephew. Khaled Sheikh had been detained in US for the last ten years. Ramzi had also confessed the charges imposed by US in the same manner as Sheikh did.