LAHORE - PML-N overseas leader Mrs Khadija Mussarrat has said that the Pakistani living abroad want their leaders like Shahbaz Sharif to come forward and lead the country out of the prevailing crises. Taking to The Nation on Saturday, Khadija Mussarrat who looks after the party's affairs in London and its adjoining areas, said that overseas Pakistani had been facing immense problems after 9/11. The Pakistani expatriates are dismayed when they come across stories of atta shortage, loadshedding and acts of terrorism in their home country, she commented. She said that Pakistanis living abroad were very confused and wanted to know who was the ruler of the country - Asif Ali Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gilani, or Pervez Musharraf. She said that life for millions of Pakistanis living in the UK and other parts of the globe had become really difficult after 9/11. "It is only peace and prosperity in Pakistan that could help minimise miseries of our citizens abroad", she said. While expressing her displeasure over the state of affairs in Pakistan, Mussarrat said the government departments had failed in providing better facilities to the citizens. Deteriorating condition of law and order, police's rough attitude with the masses, lack of basic facilities including clean drinking water, unavailability of better environment in educational and health institutes and poor sanitation system have also exposed tall claims of the previous rulers. "I myself invited Nazim Lahore Mian Amir to my residence and showed him the stinking water black in colour coming from all the tapes from dawn to dusk. The situation is even same today. After spending billions of rupees on roads and for the provision of other civic amenities, the roads are still battered. There is no clean drinking water for the public", she said. She said that Pakistani living abroad wanted restoration of judiciary and end of the judicial crisis. Whether it is Iftikhar Ch or somebody else, judges should be restored as it is a matter of principles and fair play, she contended. Khadija Mussarrat said that in its previous tenure PML-N government contributed a lot to improve the life of the people. "We hope that the PML-N government would again fulfil the expectations of the people", she said. However, she said overseas Pakistani had been disappointed by the performance of the present government since it took over power four months back. She was of the opinion that Pakistanis in Europe never liked Musharraf, nor they ever reconciled with a dictator. She thought that it was wrong perception that overseas Pakistanis supported Musharraf. Khadija Mussarrat said that we should educate our women as they could play a decisive role in this regard. To another query, she said that Pakistani embassies should play their active role in improving the image of the country.