Will he sit down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il? Order trade sanctions against China? Send US troops into Pakistan to flush out Islamic militants?Unending questions have surfaced about Barack Obama's Asia policy since he pledged to negotiate with the leadership of US adversaries and revamp US free trade and "war on terror" strategies if he wins the White House in November.Despite such lingering doubts, a victory by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee over Republican rival and Vietnam War veteran John McCain will be enough to herald a new era in ties with developing Asia, some experts say."I think simply the act of electing a black American in a country which is still predominantly white would really send a message to Asia and the rest of the world that this is going to be a very different US from what you have seen over the last eight years," said Robert Hathaway, head of the Asian program at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.