ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan has produced about 4.73 million tons of sugar to dulfill its domestic consumption for the year 2008-09. An official in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock (Minfal)told APP here Saturday that About 4.2 million tons of sugar was consumed per annum as against the total production of 4.73 million tons of sugar. Surplus stock of about 0.52 million tons of the said commodity is available for domestic consumption as its demand showed upward trend during hot season because of habitual use of cold drinks and other cold and bweet beverages products, he said. Beside this, the official said that government has always kept average two month sugar stock as a food cecurity measure to tackle any unwanted situation in the country. Government has set the target to cultivate sugarcane crop over 1.39 million hectare of land during 2008-09 to further increase sugar production for domestic consumption as well as to export, he added. In Punjab 0.7 million hectare land was set to produce sugarcane, while in Sindh 0.230 million and NWFP 1,09 million hectare land was set to put under sugarcane cultivation respectively, he said. He said that targeted area under sugarcane was decreased as the total area under sugarcane cultivation in 2007-08 was 1.241 million hectare. He said sugar mills were fully functional and crushing cane as according to official fixed rates of crop, adding that provincial governments was observing the situation and trying to facilitate all the stakeholders.