ISLAMABAD - Water shortage in the federal capital has worsened with the rise of mercury level. The I-series has been mostly hit by the shortage. According to an official of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Authority was receiving 6-8 hundreds complaints a day regarding the insufficient supply of water. Most of the complaints are coming from the I-series of the sectors, the official maintained. Water shortage, coupled with the continuous power cuts, has doubled the troubles of the residents of the capital city, who are upset with the unprecedented rise in mercury levels for more than two weeks. "A man, suffered by the scorching heat and the flowing sweat, direly wishes to take shower, but it makes him mad when he finds no water there", said a resident of I-9, who was much angry both with Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) and CDA.     On the other hand, officials in the civic agency also blame IESCO for their inability to meet with the public expectations. The Authority is trying its best to coup with the situation but the 6-hours long power outage is the major obstacle in its way, said an official of the Water Supply Directorate of CDA. "In the I-series of sectors, water is supplied from tube wells and pumping stations, which required regular supply of electricity", the official maintained. He said supply to the remaining sectors was not dependent on electricity; however, the exhaustion of Rawal Lake reservoir due to the increased demand and persistent dry weather was causing difficulty in water supply to these sectors. He maintained that CDA had requested the IESCO for increased power supply for lessening difficulties of the residents. Besides, residents were supplied water through tankers from which one can fetch water on come-first have-first basis. He, however, maintained that crisis could only be finished if the capital gets water through Ghazi-Barotha Project. He also alleged the public for misusing water and requested them not to waste the same by irrigating their gardens and servicing the cars and cooperate with the Authority during the summer season. Talking to TheNation, a resident of sector I-8 said that earlier they wailed over supply of unsafe water, but now they were screaming for the very water that was going missing. He urged the Authority to ensure water supply no matter of whatever standard it may be.