I wonder sometimes what had happened to us had our great scientist not produced the atom bomb. Ayub Khan had mortgaged our sovereignty when he sold Pakistani rivers to India. Never in the history of world has that happened. People kill each other for one pint of water. By doling out Pakistan's rivers to India, Ayub Khan sealed the fate of Kashmir. The 1965 war was just an act in remorse and futility. He just desired to perpetuate his illegal power usurped through the Doctrine of Necessity. To prolong their powers, all dictators made compromises with India, our sworn enemy. It happened in Musharraf's reign also. India kept building dams, barrages and reservoirs on our rivers in violation of the infamous Indus Basin Treaty due to complacence of our rulers. Thanks to Z.A. Bhutto who initiated nuclear programme and Nawaz Sharif who withstood US pressure to test the bomb, we have remained secure in defence. The nation salutes their great honesty, incorruptibility and selfless love for Pakistan. -OMAR ALI, Karachi, via e-mail, May 28.