Is Pakistan the only country where bringing criminals to justice is almost impossible? In the last six decades most crimes have gone unsolved or criminals let go, for lack of evidence. We have not invested in any equipment for our police labs or have any working forensic laboratories. The police force is not trained on how to act at a crime scene. Being an avid watcher of TV series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) which deals with catching criminals, I am amazed at the progress the world has made, while in Pakistan most culprits escape punishments due to lack of evidence, or the prosecution has not done their job capably. Consequently not a single terrorist or gangster has been punished so far and this fact alone is contributing a great deal to the lawlessness in the country.

The worst is the rampant corruption, not only in the police force but in our lower judiciary. The whole system is porous and lets the criminals escape and the jails are filled with innocent, who don’t have money to buy the police and the law. The police can never find any eye witnesses, and if they do come forward, as happened in the much publicised Shahbaz Khan’s murder case, the witnesses recant, as we do not have a witness protection program.

After six decades the world goes forward, but Pakistan is in regression, I don’t hold much hope from the coming government but can only request sincerely that they try, at least a little bit, to get more honest and educated people into our police force as well as break the vicious circle of corruption so that we can have law and order in the country. Last but not least we can all pray for a better tomorrow.


Rawalpindi, June 5.