Now that Kalabagh dam is being put on the back burner, it is important to remind the people that there is no other dam which can be a substitute for it. It is only through the left bank canal at KBD that north Punjab can get any water from any dam on the Indus, be it Tarbela, Bhasha, Akhori or Skardu. The water from all these dams will bypass north Punjab and D I Khan and flow down to Sindh, except for what little south Punjab can take through the CJ and TP link canals. Without water from the Indus two thirds of north Punjab will revert from irrigated to barani, with a 50 percent loss in national food production.

What will be the future of agriculture in Pakistan if the biggest tract of cropland in the country is deprived of the water from any dam on the Indus, the only river on which dams can be built? North Punjab cannot survive just on Mangla dam. Punjab is the bread basket of the country and depriving Punjab of water will hurt the whole country.


Lahore, June 2.