Much to the disappointment of PML-N stalwart from Rawalpindi, Hanif Abbas, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday formally informed the Election Commission of Pakistan about his decision to retain NA-56 Rawalpindi.

Imran who remained victorious on three seats of National Assembly including NA-1, NA-56 and NA-73, informed the Election Commission in written about his retaining NA-56.

Imran Khan, who is still on bed rest following the fatal injury he received days before the elections day, is said to have made the decision after senior members of PTI who were under the impression that residents of Rawalpindi honoured PTI by giving six provincial and one National Assembly seats, hence it was time for the PTI to pay back to the 'Pindiwals' by representing them in the National Assembly.

Party sources said, Imran was seriously thinking to retain NA-71 (Mianwali), however, members of central executive committee of PTI opposed the idea rather advised Khan to represent residents of Rawalpindi.

With Imran Khan retaining NA-56, hopes for Hanif Abbasi to reclaim his seat through by-election finally vanished.

Many termed Imran's decision to retain NA56 as a wise decision. They argue that the residents of Rawalpindi, once stronghold of PML-N, massively supported PTI in elections. Khan's bid to represent them in the National Assembly will further make strong his party in this city.