We have been claiming that we are a civilized a democratic nation, but when it comes to any situation where we have to display our mettle, we forget everything. What has been happening in Karachi for the past few days, is proof enough that we are not a civilized or democratic nation. The MQM has been protesting, they have closed down the city and there is no economic activity. They have shut down grocery stores, vegetable stores, and even work in hospitals, medical stores and ambulance services has come to a stop.

All this, because their political leader tore up his Pakistani passport and fled to the UK, and now that he is a UK citizen and is being prosecuted by that country, his party members are protesting in Karachi. Can anyone ask them why? They are burning public property, have stopped all work and the daily wage earner’s families are going hungry! I would like to request the protesting party, which also belongs to Karachi, to act positively and not destroy our country and our people’s property. They should protest without violence and also take measures against the criminal elements in their rows. It is time to prove that we are an educated, civilized and a democratic people.


Karachi, June 5.