LONDON/KARACHI - MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, addressing his party workers on telephone from London on Saturday after he was freed on bail in a money laundering case, said he had not extended begging hand to any one for his release.

“All allegations levelled against me will prove false. I will keep on pleading what is truth. I can sacrifice my life for this purpose. Hussainiyat will stand steadfast against falsehood. I have always advocated what truth is and will go on advocating truthfulness. I demonstrated patience. I did not beg for my release,” said media reports while quoting his statement given by him after his release on bail in money laundering case in London.

He said, “The attitude of the British police remained good during my detention. No Pakistani leader except me has undergone detention in a foreign country. I am ready to provide 300,000 volunteers to Pakistan army for the defence of the motherland. The MQM workers along with the army will fight terrorists.”

He held that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had played a positive role in his case. I am grateful to him and pay tribute to him,” he underlined. He also thanked former president Asif Ali Zardari and other political parties for expressing solidarity with him.

On the other hand, a Scotland police spokesman said, “Investigations are underway in money laundering case. Altaf Hussain has been released on bail. He will have to come to police station on appointed date and time.

Having started his speech with recitation from the holy Quran at two places, Altaf Hussain announced to forgive and restore all suspended office-bearers of his party.

Altaf Hussain, 60, was arrested on Tuesday from his north London home on suspicion of money laundering. Wanted in Pakistan in connection with a murder case, he has been living in self-imposed exile in Britain since the early 1990s.

Within minutes of his arrest, panicked shopkeepers and market stall owners in Karachi closed their businesses and the city came to a standstill due to massive traffic jams as people rushed home for fear of violence.

Thousands of supporters of Altaf ended a four-day protest Saturday after he was bailed by London police in a money laundering case.

“I salute those who participated in the sit-in against my arrest,” Alatf told supporters on telephone from London.

Following his arrest, he was allowed to attend a pre-arranged medical appointment on Tuesday and was kept in hospital until Thursday.

Altaf Hussain also talked to members of the Coordination Committee and various departments on Saturday after his release on bail.

Speaking to the charged listeners, Altaf Hussain said what had been done in the last five days was phenomenal and miraculous. He said the love and passion that were exhibited during his detention would never be witnessed in the world. MQM officials and workers enthusiastically welcomed the party chief and raised enchanted slogans in favour of him.

The MQM chief affirmed that he would neither bow to the evil forces nor would he give up struggle against oppressors. He said the people who endorsed love and affection for him were assets to him.

He said he wanted people to love one another, forget all the differences and forge unity among their ranks. He said my release became possible only because of the prayers offered by people from all the religions. He asserted he always came out of all difficulties only because of people’s prayers and cooperation.

He also appreciated his workers and supporters for what they had done during his detention. He also praised dedication of the workers to the party, adding their struggle would definitely bring about a revolution.