ejaz mehmood


Various associations of private schools, lawyers, and journalists have condemned the registration of a “fake” case against a private schools for not accepting an “illegal demand” of the applicants.

“A fake case has been registered against Pakistan Public School’s administration with the local police station by the elements led by Nasir Saeed,” alleged owner Zubair Mehmood Ch, Principal Muhammad Mushtaq and Private Schools Association leader Abdullah Bhatti during a press conference.

The administration revealed that a few days back Nasir Saead had threatened them of dire consequences and cancelling of the school registration when they refused to let their students participate in a rally organised by him. The school administration also provided video proofs against the elements during the conference. One of the video reveals the petitioner demanding Rs100,000 for withdrawal of the case, it was said.

Abdullah said that the gang was involved in blackmailing and harassing a many other private educational institutions like City Public School, Kargul Public School and Leadership College. The school administration demanded that DPO Athar Ismail and DSP Abid Akhtar should look into the matter and take stern action against them.

Besides, Minchabad Bar Association President Syed Muhammad Akram Shah, Secretary General Shehzad Saeed, Human Welfare Organisation President Zulfiqar Ali, Ejaz Ahmad, lawyers, teachers, journalists and traders condemned the registration of the case. Minchinabad Press Club, Mcleod Ganj Press Club and Bahawalnagar Press Club passed a resolution against the gang and demanded immediate withdrawal of the case.