Angelina Jolie apparently wants to set a wedding date with Brad Pitt as soon as possible.

The Hollywood couple has been engaged since April 2012 and together they raise six children. Although Angelina has recently hinted at their upcoming nuptials, her fiancé is said to be avoiding the topic more often than not.

‘Angelina was initially keen for a summer wedding, but her and Brad's work schedules are so busy, they never got round to planning anything,’ a source told British magazine Closer. ‘However, she's admitted to pals that she feels Brad tends to change the subject when she brings up wedding plans.’

The 39-year-old actress' latest role sees her as the evil title character in Disney's Maleficent, which also stars her daughter Vivienne. Angelina joked that her and Brad's big day will either be Disney themed or involve paintballing. The heartthrob actor has been quieter about marriage, which is thought to be worrying Angelina.

‘He insists he can't wait to marry Angelina, but she says actions speak louder than words and she wants him to actually suggest a date so they can start getting things planned,’ the source added.’  Last month Angelina discussed how she and Brad put a lot of time and effort into their relationship to keep it strong. They may be divided by their jobs, with her promoting Maleficent and him filming in the UK, but they still make time for each other.

‘He’s my family. He’s not just a lover and partner, which is wonderful, but he’s my family now. We have history and work hard to make it great,’ Angelina told Extra. ‘We don’t kind of relax about it and take each other for granted, so like everybody, we have our challenges, but we’re fighting to make it great.’