LAHORE: The performance of Punjab government is regarded as most effective among provincial governments by 65.73 per cent of all the respondents, reveled in an opinion survey conducted by the Herald in partnership with the Islamabad-based Sustainable Development Survey Institute.

The survey, conducted as the PML-N-led government completes its first year in power, engaged 1354 respondents from across all four provinces.

Almost 50 per cent of all respondents regard Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to have been the most effective chief executive in the past year, followed by KP CM Pervaiz Khattak at 15.36 per cent and Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah at 11.15 per cent. About 25.24 per cent Sindh-based respondents deem the performance of Shah’s government as very low.

A plurality of respondents believes that relations between the government and judiciary improved during the tenure of current federal government. The opinion survey, conducted during the month of May 2014, employs a sampling methodology trends, including those pertaining to gender, ethnicity, age and rural-urban divide. The survey sample also faces into account a variety of income groups and educational level.–NNI