We have been unable to see any improvements in the performance of our police department. I think that we may be able to help the police, if everyone of us starts facilitating them. The first thing we need is a change in the mindset of the police, as the common man does not trust them. The police department is there to provide protection to the general public, they have to protect their lives, property and honour, but our police lacks the initiative to perform all these functions. Our police is mostly used for security protocol; they provide security to elected members of both houses.

We as a nation, and our politicians, need to get our heads out of the sand and use the police force properly, to safe guard our masses and to catch criminals.

How can we reduce crime when our police force is misused? I would like to request the IG police, of all provinces, to create a website which can give them feedback about crimes committed by the police, as well as about criminals lurking in large cities. This website should have a helpline, and an email address where anyone could address his or her grievance. Am I asking for too much in Pakistan? People could also report crime or criminals on the website to help the police and the police can put the photographs of wanted criminals on the website so that we can recognize them.


Karachi, June 5.