MIRPUR - With prime focus to generate required hydel power besides to meet the irrigation needs, the water level in the country’s largest-reservoir Mangla dam is being raised swiftly to the level of 1,173.80 feet Saturday against the highest targeted level of 1242.00 feet.

The water level was raised by over 133 feet on Saturday against the stipulated dead level. “The reservoir is being currently filled with the water for the future usage for irrigation purpose besides to boost power generation”, official the sources said. Inflow of waters of the rivers Jhelum, Poonch and other subordinate seasonal streams in Mangla dam on Saturday remained 63600 cusecs against the discharge of 60000 cusecs of water from the reservoir, the present live storage of water in the reservoir is 2. 942MAF.

Meanwhile, local experts related to power and irrigation fields here opined that the fast raising of water level in Mangla dam would not only help in to enhance the power generation capacity of the Mangla power house combating the energy crises up to considerable extent but also to assist the usage of the water to raise the per acre yield.