LAHORE - Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Prof Anjum Habib Vohra on Saturday said that brain tumour was curable and all facilities of neurosurgery were available in Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference at PGMI on the eve of World Brain Tumour Day, Vohra said that early diagnosis could enhance possibilities of complete recovery. He said that the Institute of Neuro Sciences set up at Lahore General Hospital would provide all diagnostic, treatment and research facilities under one roof, adding that the institute would also provide opportunities for the promotion of neurosurgery in Punjab as well as training and updating the knowledge of doctors.

He said that the World Tumour Day was being observed from the year 2000 and the objective of observing it was to highlight the importance and severity of the situation. “Although neurosurgeons are scarce in Pakistan but all the tertiary hospitals in Punjab have treatment and diagnostic facilities of neuro diseases. Surgery is the initial treatment of brain tumour but sometimes doctors can not remove the whole tumour, therefore, radiation is required for further treatment,” he said. He said that both facilities were available in Pakistan.

The senior doctor also informed that permanent headache and vomiting were early symptoms of brain tumour. He said that the advancement in the health sector and latest research had improved the treatment of brain diseases and the majority of patients were recovered completely. He said that only 17 professors and 200 neurosurgeons were available in the country of 190million population. He urged doctors to come forward for overcoming the shortage of neurosurgeons in Pakistan.