Reference to upcoming budget and ever escalating gap between targets and recovery, nowhere in world is tax payment a voluntary practice, but it is fear of strict punishments, arrest and fines that make people pay taxes. Unfortunately in Pakistan, those who wield power have always acted to protect people with money.

In spite of promises to restructure white elephants like PSM, PIA, CAA, PSO, CDA etc, this government has followed the policy of treating them as ‘spoils of war,’ appointing mediocre and incompetent cronies with a history of financial and administrative indiscipline. FBR has become an organisation to facilitate tax evasion, instead of recovering taxes. While there will always be paucity of funds to invest in education, health and law enforcement, there will always be an abundance to procure expensive bullet proof limousines for those who hold public offices and enjoy political patronage.


Malaysia, June 3.