LAHORE : Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) made it obvious that his party will stand and plunk by the constitutional institutions in case of any confrontation and conflict with government warning any clash with the institution will be precarious and hazardous for the democracy and the country both.

He said in a statement “ There will be firm confrontation with the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz(PML-N) and in support of institutions in case of any conflict”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari pointed out that “these institutions were fabricated by the sacrifices of our leadership and nobody will be allowed to sacrifice and forfeit these constitutional institutions for his family”.

“Our leadership suffered judicial murders and we took dead bodies but we never spoil in arguments and confrontations with the institutions” he added “we accepted the decisions of the intuitions still we sacrifice our Prime Ministers and elected governments”

The PPP chairman sustained that “ we forfeit and sacrificed our party offices before the court decisions adding that the Nawaz government  should not remain in misunderstanding that we will consent to jump into conflict and confrontation with the institutions “

“”Takht –e- Raiwind should forget and disregard that they will sacrifice and forfeit the institution for the sake of its family and we will remain soundless”

The PPP chairman pledged and vowed that “ we stand by country’s constitutional institutions and won’t permit Nawaz Sharif to repeat his past adding that people will stand like rock against Takht e Raiwind if it endeavor to humiliate or insult the institutions”