The current escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan is disturbing. 

Both India and Pakistan have been established, historically and geographically, after years of hard work and sacrifices on the part of freedom-fighters of both India and Pakistan. Then why is there unnecessary fuss from time to time? 

Raising the voice of negativity and developing enmity will never do any good to India or Pakistan. I still recall memorable moments from times before the enmity was so pronounced. As a cricket fan, I remember watching a cricket match on TV, probably from the Cricket World Cup back then, between India and Pakistan in my native place of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India in the early 1990s. I can still vividly recall seeing the expression, the joy and the kind look of the players which was evident of compassion and kindness in their eyes, of the players of both India and Pakistan in that match. And as a schoolboy, I was inspired and spellbound then. Only such good rapport, kind gestures and a sense of understanding will help us progress towards success and peace. 

Breaking away from the culture, not heeding the concerns of the people and developing animosity will never create an environment viable for peace. Finally, it is the responsibility of both India and Pakistan to create a friendly environment and develop the bond of harmony through serious and joint steps, as these two Asian countries are the hubs of great culture, great knowledge, enormous wealth and educated and hardworking people. 


Mumbai, May 23.