LAHORE - Six patients have so far benefitted from modern technique of removal of brain tumor through eyebrow without doing surgery of skull at Lahore General Hospital.

Prof Khalid Mahmood, head of LGH’s Neurosurgery Unit II, said that Pakistan was not lagging behind UK, USA and other developed countries in the use of modern diagnosis and surgery of brain tumor. There are hundred types of brain tumors and only few develop into cancer, he added.

The senior doctor said that there was acute shortage of neurosurgeons in Pakistan. “Only 225 neurosurgeons are available for 200 million people,” Prof Khalid said, adding at least 1,000 neurosurgeons are needed for such a huge population.

He went on to say that the facility of neurosurgery was available in almost all major government hospitals. He also informed that chances of brain tumor were equal in male and female but children going through any kind of radiation were more vulnerable. However, he added, the establishment of Punjab Institute of Neurosciences was a great breakthrough. Patients of brain tumors should approach LGH through reference of tehsil and district hospitals, he suggested.