LOS ANGELES-Gwyneth Paltrow has had to add weights to her workout because she’s suffering with backache. The 44-year-old actress may drag herself to the gym every single day for an intense workout but even the healthiest of people still suffer with setbacks as she has admitted she’s been forced to add some weighted exercises to her regime to combat twinges.

Speaking to Australia’s Women’s Health magazine, she said: ‘’I like feeling good, and I know I feel my best when I exercise. But it depends on the day - I definitely don’t always feel like doing it.‘’That’s how you have to look at it. I’ve been a Tracy Anderson fanatic for over a decade, I’m an investor in her company, so yeah, I go every morning.

 I drop the kids at school, work out, go to work. You can’t bottle a great workout.’’ The blonde beauty - who is currently suffering with a broken foot -doesn’t just look after her body by working out though as she’s really precious about what food she puts into her system after her father developed cancer.

She explained: ‘’When my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, I really started to think about the link between environmental toxins and cancer.

‘’What’s the impetus behind the way our bodies are no longer able to overcome all these skyrocketing diseases, from immune disorders to autism to diabetes and cancer? What is going on? I started asking questions, and the answers were and are horrifying. You look at, just for example, graphs correlating pesticide use with just about every kind of disease. It’s devastating. That exploration definitely started me down the path. I want to be healthy, to feel as good as I can.’’

Gwyneth’s approach to health and fitness encouraged her to develop her own lifestyle blog Goop, in which she offers well-being advice, tips and tricks and sells products.