LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Wednesday allowed digging underneath the railway track in an area between Dera Nawab Railways Station and Head Panjnad of South Punjab for construction of a water bridge.

Punjab Irrigation department had filed the petition and submitted that the area between Head panjnad and Dera Nawab Railways station was the area belonged to the department. The department’s counsel said that a contract was given to a company to dig out the underneath the track of railway for water bridge. He told the court that it was 13,000 feet area of the track which was required for the construction of bridge, but the railways issued a notification claiming that the land belonged to the railways under an agreement signed between Bahawalpur state and Railways back in 1923. On the other hand, the railways’ counsel said that if removal of track was allowed for the said bridges then they would be huge loss to the railways. After hearing both sides, Justice Atir Mahmood allowed Punjab Irrigation department digging for water bridges underneath the railways track and disposed of the petition.