MIRPURKHAS: Hundreds of people of the minority Meghwar community held a demonstration outside the Mirpurkhas Press Club yesterday to protest against police’s failure to arrest suspects involved in the abduction of Shrimati Beena from Degan Bhurgari town, 36km from here.

Shiyam Lal Meghwar, Ms Beena’s father, and his relatives Mohan, Dharmo and Ramchand who led the protest told journalists the teenage girl was working in fields near her home three days ago when the main suspect kidnapped her at gunpoint with the help of three accomplices.

They said that the suspect’s uncle who was a secretary in the Degan Bhurgari union council and an activist of Pakistan Peoples Party was using his influence to protect the suspects. The government, therefore, should remove him from his office and ensure all the culprits involved in the girl’s kidnapping are arrested, they said.

They said that police has lodged an abduction case on the intervention of Senator Hari Ram Kishori Lal and MPA Haji Ahmad Ali Bhurgari but were not taking further action to recover the girl and arrest the culprits due to political pressure.

They demanded the chief minister, governor, IGP and chief justice of Sindh High Court ensure immediate and safe recovery of Ms Beena from illegal captivity and award exemplary punishment to the culprits.