PESHAWAR - The opposition lawmakers in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly here on Wednesday termed the PTI-led coalition government budget for the fiscal year 2017-18 as jugglery of words, saying that no direct relief was provided to the poor people of the province.

Talking to media persons, the Leader of the Opposition, Latufur Rehman, said that no direct relief was provided to the poorest of the poor, laborers and working class.

The PTI-led government was yet to complete 350 dams or powers stations in the province and the people continue to suffer, he added.

He said that the PTI had claimed to shift power to the grassroots level but that the pledge was also yet to be fulfilled.

He said the closure of Maktab schools in KP would adversely affect the education of the poor students, besides dropping literacy ratio.

The government had announced education emergency but still, a lot of schools were deprived of furniture, chairs, tables, washrooms, electricity and other basic facilities like clean drinking water.

The young doctors were protesting due to non-resolution of their problems by the PTI government and resultantly patients and their attendants were suffering in the public sector hospitals.

He said that Imran Khan was carrying begging bowl to run the affairs of the KP government and these loans would be paid by the people of this province where unemployment had risen during the last four years.

PML-N Parliamentary leader Sardar Aurangzaib Nalota said, “It is not the budget of KP rather than of three districts, Nowshera, Sawabi, and Dir.” It was a very poor budget with no direct relief to the masses, he added.

“How the KP government can provide relief to its people when it is itself running on loans,” he said.

This budget is full of taxes as heavy taxes are imposed on poor segment of the society who already facing the brunt of taxes in KP,” he explained.

He said people especially government employees have pinned high expectations from the PTI-led government about the increase in their salaries and pensions as trumpeted by the PTI leaders but their dreams were fulfilled as an only 10pc increase in their pay and pension were announced today.

He said the budget was a jugglery of words and no relief was provided to the masses.

The ANP Parliamentary leader Sardar Hussain Babak also criticised the PTI budget and termed it a contradiction in figures in speech and development schemes.

He said the KP government has taken credit for the schemes and projects started by the ANP government that was unfortunate.

He said terrorism had badly affected KP infrastructure and it would have been better if the PTI government allocated a huge amount for it in the budget.

Nighat Orakzai of the PPP also slammed the PTI budget, saying that no relief was provided to the masses.

He said the PTI has imposed heavy taxes on the already overburdened poor people. She said that people would reject the budget as there was nothing for them.