LAHORE:  During a raid in Lahore’s Mangal Mandi,  Punjab Food Authority (PFA) seized and confiscated more than a million rotten eggs Wednesday night.

According to Director- General, PFA Noorul Ameen Mengal, the eggs were seized, worth Rs. 15 million, from an eggs processing unit of a known biscuit company. Those eggs were used to prepare powder.

PFA shattered 800 liters of milk contaminated with lethal and poisonous chemicals in Faisalabad, earlier this year.

In Faisalabad, PFA officials examined and tested 40 containers of milk and found it to be adulterated and contaminated with formalin- a chemical used chiefly as a stabilizer and preservative for biological specimens – as well as urea, salt and water.

800 liters of second-rate and substandard milk was disposed off by the food authority and arrested two persons in connection with it.