Aseefa Bhutto says everyone should stand shoulder to shoulder with Khadija Siddiqi so she is provided with justice.

Daughter of late Benazir Bhutto, showed support for Khadija Siddiqi on social media website by stating,

Aseefa in her message said that until we don’t challenge the patriarchy in our society ladies will never be safe. She pointed out that every day women are subjected to harassment, rape and violence and they are blamed for it too. Aseefa condemned the attack on Khadija and showed support for her. She further said that everyone should stand by her in the battle to achieve justice.

Khadija was stabbed 23 times by Shah Hussain, her class fellow, last year in Lahore. Shah Hussain is son of Lawyer Tanver Hashmi. Hearing regarding the case is being held on daily basis in Lahore High Court.