The local media turns a blind eye when a news does not beget benefit, evident from how a horrible tragedy went unnoticed. While the government corruption deserves every right to be flooding the news channels, who will shed light on the matters which happen in the private sector?

In a show called ‘Eidi Sab Kay Liye’ arranged by ARY Zindagi, the stage crumpled because of poor administration and absence of solid material. As per the sources, there were numerous in the gathering of people who told the administration that the sitting area seemed to be unstable and didn’t appear to be sufficiently solid to hold up the weight. However, the administration disregarded the warnings and therefore, prompted this appalling incident which created a great deal of human harm.

According to different open figures and other media outlets, because of the understandings among ARY and Bahria Town, this occurrence went unnoticed and neither of the two organisations has expressed anything with respect to this unfortunate occurrence.

Under the present circumstances, who is to rebuked for this horrendous episode? Who ought to be considered responsible? The administration slacked in taking appropriate measures and took a chance with the lives of hundreds. Even worse, when the stage caved in, they didn’t give assistance and support to the harmed. Will this shocking episode that took such a number of lives perpetually going to remain covered? What’s our media doing? What part do they have here?

While the media and other related professionals neglected to report, it also demonstrates how in some sense, we have failed as a nation. Two weeks in and yet not even a single proper report has been presented and we have not held anyone accountable.

Unfortunately, many people don’t even know of this issue because it was kept ‘under wraps’ to hide the incompetency of both the institutions. It proves the fact that today, the lives of the ordinary people are very cheap for the elites of Pakistan, who are the ones that hold authority in all fields.


Islamabad, May 23.