KARACHI - Pakistan Apparel Forum Chairman and Chief Coordinator of Karachi Industrial Forum Muhammad Jawed Bilwani has strongly condemned unannounced industrial loadshedding by K-Electric (K-E) for 7 to 8 hours daily in S.I.T.E. Industrial Area, Korangi Industrial Area, F.B. Industrial Area, North Karachi Industrial Area, Landhi Industrial Area and S.I.T.E. Superhighway Industrial area, which is highly unjustified and unlawful. He demanded the government to intervene and ensure uninterrupted power supply to the industries in Karachi.

Expressing reservation, Jawed Bilwani stated that Karachi is highest taxes paying city but is suffering from the highest electricity loadshedding and said that after residential areas, the industrial zones have been facing unannounced power outages. A complete one shift of industrial production has suffered and production losses are 40 percent. It will hamper the export efficiency and will also widen trade deficit.

He stated that K-Electric is not operating its thermal power generation units and has created a fake power crisis in Karachi in the name of technical faults and breakdowns as claimed by power utility which is totally an eyewash. K-Electric produces electricity from its own power generation units with an installed capacity of 2,247 MW and has also signed power purchase agreements for 1,053 MW to get from various independent power producers. The power utility claimed that during last few years company has also enhanced its capacity. KE also gets 650 MW from national grid but since its privatization many years back, the Utility has not honoured its commitment to provide uninterrupted and quality electricity to Karachi. Instead, the company has become habitual of paying lip-services, making false commitment and hoodwinking citizens and the government. The Utility has, during the years, not addressed basic issues and problems and KE has become habitual of giving misleading statements of loadingshedding due to breakdowns and technical faults. Jawed Bilwani added that the management of K-Electric deliberately not operating thermal units operated on furnace oil. If KE shall operate all its power generation units, electricity loadshedding in Karachi will come to an end. He stated that Karachiites should not be held hostage to K-E for electricity needs which is a basic amenity. The energy problems and loadshedding in the industries areas is causing unprecedented production loss to the tune of billions of rupees daily.

Bilwani urged the federal and provincial government to intervene in the issue of loadshedding by K-E to save Karachi and its industries, otherwise Pakistan’s economy will suffer irreparable loss.