Lahore - Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf leader Dr Yasmin Rashid said even the worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship.

She was speaking at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan seminar titled ‘Elections 2018-Possibilities and Reservation’ at HNPIP Auditorium Thursday. Other speakers include PPP’s Barrister Aamir Hasan, Dr Lubna Zaheer and senior analysts Taseer Mustafa and Tanvir Shahzad.

Yasmin hoped that election would be held on time. Dr Yasmin said that they fought for democracy but lacked nationalism.

She continued: “I personally lost my job and faced martial law difficulties. The enemy country wants to damage us but with unity we can defy the strategy. We ran the country on loans. Our failed policy resulted in unemployment. We want elections on time and common people should be the custodian of democratic institutions. Free and fair elections ensure respect for the vote not statements of politicians. The elected people are not to be looters and plunderers as we see in the country.”

Taseer Mustafa said that the CJP and NAB were not targeting PMLN. “CJP Saqib Nisar was going to all provinces and took notices on public issues. The 2018 elections will be unfair, ” he said and stressed the need for bringing in electoral reforms.

Barrister Aamir Hasan said that ZA Bhutto was the first leader who alerted the masses. He said that those who lack any role in the creation of motherland became powerful. 1985 elections gave birth to corruption and favoritism. Money was distributed among politicians. He said that some circles encroached into the Benazir Bhutto government. He said that the 2002 elections were also maneuvered. He said that today it was not that judicial activism that they faced when Iftikhar Ch was the CJP. He compared Maryam Nawaz and Benazir appearance in the courts. He said Nawaz sent his children to London but BB didn't.

He said that Nawaz himself disgraced vote for which he is talking respect today. He never respected parliamentarians because he didn't like to attend parliament sessions. He said Imran Khan too never talked on foreign policy. He predicted a national government after the election 2018. He said that the need is to politicise society and depoliticise institutions.

Journalist Tanveer Shahzad said that turn out will be more in coming elections. Wrong declarations will be filed beside the use of kickbacks and commission money earned through contractors.

The elite comprising of only 70 influential families will remain in the power.  The Reham book episode adds to the insincerity of politicians with their prime job of serving masses. The winning party will have to face a severe situation in future.

Lubna Zaheer, an analyst, said that the electoral history of the country was not good.

The first general elections of1970 were fair but the results were maneuvered. The same happened in 1977 and a popular ruler was hanged.

Then Nawaz Sharif did not accept Benazir Bhutto government. And many more such incidents could be quoted that damaged political system.

She said that the Charter of Democracy (COD) was the most important document after the constitution of Pakistan. The two parties violated the COD that were the signatory of the accord.

One leader was hanged and the other popular leader was facing corruption charges that were a brainchild of the establishment. There will be prepoll rigging. She also stated that the NAB focuses only PMLN leaders only. She also criticized Supreme Court on taking notice against the PMLN leadership only while there were other hundreds of people involved in the PANAMA Papers are free.

There will be post-poll rigging too, she foresaw. Quoting PILDAT survey she said that the media were also affecting public opinion inversely.