Apropos media reports about PTI 100-Day plan. The problem is that such promises have been made by every political party in their election manifesto, much like stereotyped script read by every military dictator who has promised to erase corruption and introduce welfare reforms. Unfortunate bitter truth is that every civil and military junta which has held power in past, have left behind legacy of corruption and plunder. They have all benefited themselves and only added to woes of masses, making their lives unbearable, with inflation going through roof, and no relief to poor. There has been no worthwhile improvement in education, health, security, housing benefits and provision of basic necessities of life. In fact quality of life is far worse for masses than it was before 1956.

PTI needs to understand that mere rhetoric will not deliver unless it has political will displayed by commitment to implement promises by having right choice of persons with integrity at helm. The presence of Czar of private schools in PTI who has made education a profitable commercial venture, beyond reach of even honest middle class, does not augur well for their claims of providing quality education for all. Similarly presence of major Land Mafia don in PTI inner circle raised doubts about promise of 5 Million houses to poor and fears that this will meet same fate of PML(N)/PPP low cost housing scheme. PTI must explain what it means by Tax Reforms because of the presence of biggest Sugar Mafia cartel members and its failure to deliver on promises to build run-of-river dams in KPK. As for curtailing corruption it needs to explain inclusion of person responsible for robbing EOBI, depriving poorest of the poor.

To Walk The Talk, PTI must be seen to have men of integrity, rather than horde of electables, which may get them power, but not capability to deliver.


Peshawar, May 21.