On the day of World Food Safety Day let’s focus on the serious issue of the making of Banaspati Ghee production. No wonder Punjab Food Authority is putting a ban on banaspati ghee and has spread many public service messages to create awareness among people. Yesterday, my friend got the opportunity to visit a factory where banaspati ghee was being produced and what she told me painted a picture in my mind which disgusts me completely. The production goes through a process where arteries of various animals are used, the drums they were using were of low material which contained other materials than arteries too, there were flies all over the place in the apparent “cleaning area” and all the utensils they were using seemed as old as Pakistan which can cause hazardous diseases leading to deaths of many. Fortunately, she got the chance to talk to the worker who was reluctant and his attitude was bitter and hopelessness was reflected in his tone with an occasional tinge of contempt at first but finally she extracted some statements from him. In his favour, he brought religion as an example where he quoted, “using the waste of animals is not considered to be Haram and it is just like any other market food we consume; not completely knowing how it is made”. The statement he gave made me think my role in stopping such issues at my personal level by complaining to the concerned authorities and what Punjab Food Authority is doing is a commendable job as they think about us before we do. The initiative they have taken to ban banaspati ghee in 2020 should be taken promptly.

Amina Naveed Butt